Ideas For Inventions

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How Do I Patent A Product

He noted that 3 WindTamer designs are commercially available as well as have been mounted in homes, flight terminals as well as businesses.The WindTamer generator led to total energy outcomes that got to 80 percent of the wind's kinetic power, well past the Betz Limitation.Visser called the collaboration with WindTamer Corporation "a win-win for everybody." Visser utilized the screening to offer his pupils hands-on design experience.

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How Do I Patent A Product

Researchers have been investigating for many years in an effort to locate a method to make the radiographic pictures much better.This makes laser X-Ray technology a sensible goal.The pictures require very cautious evaluation and also interpretation. Additionally, grouping the power of a laser beam with X-Rays might boost resolution by a numerous of around 1,000. He called the phenomenon "X" since he did not totally recognize what composed the "rays".